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The Complete Steffen Arctander Volumes

Included in this package are Steffen Arctander's "Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin" and "Perfume and Flavour Chemicals (Aroma Chemicals)" Volumes 1 and 2.  In addition a complete range of historical perfumer's books to complete your library.

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What's Included in this Package?

Not only do you get all of the Arctander volumes, you get a complete set of historical perfumery manuals. All delivered by CDROM and downloadable NOW.

  • The Complete Arctander Manuals

    These comprise “Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin” and “Perfume and Flavor Chemicals (Aroma Chemicals)” Volumes 1 and 2

  • The Art of Perfumery by Septimus Piesse

    The Art of Perfumery and method of obtaining the odors of plants, with instructions for the manufacture of perfumes for the handkerchief, scented powders, odorous vinegars, dentifrices, pomatums, cosmetiques, perfumed soap, etc. with an appendix on the colors of flowers, artificial fruit essences etc etc.

  • A Practical Guide for the Perfumer by H. Dussauce

    A Practical Guide for the Perfumer being a new treatise on perfumery the most favorable to beauty without being injurious to the health comprising descriptions of the substances used in perfumery and the formulae of more than one thousand preparations.

  • The Volatile Oils - By E.Gildermeister and Fr.Hoffmann - Vols 1,2 and 3

    Quote It is only within the last few decades that the former empiric manufacture of volatile oils has been placed on a scientific basis, which has enabled it to develop into an independent branch of chemical industry. During the period of transition in which this branch still finds itself, those factories which have done pioneer work, both scientifically and technically, as well as those which use the oils in various manufactures, are often compelled to suffer from the competition of inferior and adulterated products Endquote

    A Classic

  • Fenners Complete Formulary

    A Complete formulary containing working formulas for all official and unofficial preparations generally used or required in the practice of pharmacy and the business of the chemist, manufacturing pharmacist, manufacturer of proprietary medicine, physician, perfumer etc.

  • ....... and much. much more.

    The perfumers library contains 22 historical books of interest to the perfumer in addition to the Steffen Arctander volumes.

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